About Us

For many people, the most obvious feature of the BMLS is that we are a unique and dynamic approach to an engaged contemporary Buddhist community. Those who know us can also see clearly our passionate desire to live the way of the Buddha and to practice the Dharma authentically and intensely. Our entire history has been characterized by our efforts to translate the essentials of tradition into ways of living that are enlightening, liberating and transforming for us today.  The question is how are we called to live here and now? We believe that we have embraced and harmonized with the dynamic insights and spiritual treasures of the classical Buddhist tradition all the more deeply by continuously distilling its wisdom in the light of knowledge and experience that is readily available to us

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The primary service of the BMLS is to educate and facilitate individual practitioners and communities in the Dharma, the way of Mindful Living. We provide guidance through negative conditioning to all who are seeking a true sense of freedom, joy and adventure in life, as well as those in great suffering and distress. Our foundation is the universal teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, the historical founder of Buddhism in the 5th century BCE. The student is carefully guided in understanding the nature of the True Self and assisted in the practice of liberation from conditioning. We serve these ends through monthly retreats, daily liturgical meditation, individual and family counseling and direction, Zen arts programs, mindfulness movement classes and community action groups.

Seminary & Licensing

BMLS offers a comprehensive Licensure of Buddhist Ministry for Holy Orders program that includes both classroom education as well as field education. The result of this training program is full ordination as professionals in the fields of ministry and chaplaincy as well as certification as a Mindfulness Counselor.  Persons who are interested in candidacy can contact the Blue Mountain office at 717.671.5057 or email houseofmeditation@gmail.com 

Socially Engaged Practice

The Blue Mountain Lotus Society is founded on the practice of utilizing the dharma to relieve suffering. It continues to serve this need through Compassion in Action programs such as anti-bullying and self-protection seminars in schools, as well as workshops in corporate, hospital, university and prison settings as well as corporate and hospice counseling work.  Sensei Stultz is also an active member of the Interfaith Alliance, a spiritual consultant to the American Civil Liberties Union and to the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

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